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Learn Dutch Online - Civic Integration Exam - Inburgeringsexamen
Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNS)
Below you can click to 4 practice tests about Knowledge of the Dutch Society (KNS).

In the exam at the Dutch Embassy you will get to see 30 pictures. You hear a question about each picture, which you have to answer.

With our practice tests you can practice 4 different tests.

Click on the "question" button to hear the question and on the "answer" button to hear the answer.
Bronvermelding: Fotomateriaal Algemeen Dagblad (www.ad.nl/quiz/?quizid=23)
  * 1. Learn the Dutch language in 30 days in order to pass your Civic Integration Exam at the Dutch Embassy.
* 2. No need to go to school or to buy CD,s or books to learn the language part of the exam.
* 3. Course developed by Dutch teachers at the most successful Dutch Language Institute in Asia.
* 4. 10 Test exams included and and all 100 photo questions "Knowledge of Dutch Society"
* 5. Over 2500 audio files online.
* 6. Learn at home at your own time.



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