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To Holland - Residence Permit - MVV Visa

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MVV Visa Requirements

As of 15 March 2006, almost all aliens seeking to settle in the Netherlands who need an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) to enter the country will have to take an integration test before applying for a MVV visa.
What is the civic integration examination?

It is a test that an applicant must take at the Dutch embassy or consulate in his/her country of residence before applying for a MVV visa. People applying for an MVV must first prove that they have passed the examination. You need an MVV to apply for a residence permit - which is necessary for a stay of over three months in the Netherlands. The civic integration examination is a test given in the Dutch language.
Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of Dutch society and their command of the Dutch language. Anyone who prepares properly should be able to pass the examination.
The examinations are administered at the Dutch Embassy in your home country. The examination consists of two parts.
Part 1 - Dutch Language - Listening and speaking

This part of the examination tests the candidates listening and speaking skills of the Dutch language. They will judge the candidates on their pronunciation, fluency, sentence structure and vocabulary.

The examination component Reading consists of 2 parts:

1. Words: listening and reading.
- You hear a word and must choose the right word from 4 possible written answers given.
- You read a word and must choose the right word out of 4 spoken responses.
2. Reading Texts.

- You read a text and get 2 multiple choice questions. You select with the mouse the correct answer.
Part 2 - Dutch Language - Simple reading and understanding Dutch
This part of the examination tests the candidates level of reading in Dutch. Candidiates have to read simple sentences and answer simple questions.

The examination component Speaking consists of 2 parts:

1. Answering Questions.
- You will see a video on the computer of a person asking a question. You then answers the question using a headset with microphone.

2. Finish sentences.
- You hear and read a sentence and see an image. The sentence is not complete and you should give the the missing part of the sentence by speaking over the headset.
Part 3 - Knowledge of Dutch Society

This part of the examination tests the candidates level of knowledge of Dutch society. Candidiates are shown a picture book which contains 100 images from the film "Naar Nederland". There is a question about each photograph. Part 2 of the examination consists of 2 sample questions and 30 questions from the picture book.
Our Online Course contains all 100 photo-questions "Knowledge of Dutch Society" with sound. A free preview is available at: Civic Integration Exam - Practice tests KNS
Learn Dutch - civic integration examination

Learn Dutch - civic integration examination

Learn Dutch - civic integration examination

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