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Lesson 2 - Simple words and opposites in Dutch
dutch lessons - MVV - learn dutch - Civic Integration
Below you will find the first words and then opposite words which you need to memorize.
Most of these words we will use in simple stories and conversations in the next lessons.
Repeat all the word as much as necessary and only continue to the next lesson if you can understand and remember all of them.
Click on the button alongside the word or sentence and you will hear the word spoken in Dutch.
Your first few Dutch words

  Yes Ja   Only Alleen
  No Nee   Possible Mogelijk
  Maybe Misschien   With Met
  How? Hoe?   Excuse me Pardon
  How far? Hoever?   Bye Doei
  How much? Hoeveel?   Then Daarna
  What? Wat?   There Daar
  When? Wanneer?   That Dat
  Why? Waarom?   This Deze
  Where? Waar?   That Die
  Which? Welke?   Here Hier
  Who? Wie?   Approximately Ongeveer
  Question Vraag   Near Dichtbij
  Answer Antwoord   In the past Vroeger
  Also Ook   Between Tussen
  And En   People Mensen
  Because Omdat   City Stad
  But Maar   Road Weg
  If Of   Color Kleur

And some more Dutch words

  Banana Banaan   Book Boek
  Tomato Tomaat   Cup Beker
  Lemon Citroen   Pan Pan
  Orange Sinaasappel   Vase Vaas
  Milk Melk   Shoe Schoen
  Bag Tas   Telephone Telefoon
  Pencil Potlood   Coffee Koffie
  Pen Pen   Tea Thee
  Train Trein   Bicycle Fiets
  Car Auto   Bus Bus


Your first simple Dutch opposites

  Yes - No Ja - Nee   No - Yes Nee - Ja
  Thick - Thin Dik - Dun   Thin - Thick Dun - Dik
  Long - Short Lang - Kort   Short - Long Kort - Lang
  Expensive - Cheap Duur - Goedkoop   Cheap - Expensive Goedkoop - Duur
  Wet - Dry Nat - Droog   Dry - Wet Droog - Nat
  Poor - Rich Arm - Rijk   Rich - Poor Rijk - Arm
  Empty - Full Leeg - Vol   Full - Empty Vol - Leeg
  Big - Small Groot - Klein   Small - Big Klein - Groot
  War - Peace Oorlog - Vrede   Peace - War Vrede - Oorlog
  Dirty - Clean Vies - Schoon   Clean - Dirty Schoon - Vies
  Earlier - Later Vroeger - Later   Later - Earlier Later - Vroeger
  Inside - Outside Binnen - Buiten   Outside - Inside Buiten - Binnen
  Man - Woman Man - Vrouw   Woman - Man Vrouw - Man
  Mister - Mrs. Meneer - Mevrouw   Mrs. - Mister Mevrouw - Meneer
  Boy - Girl Jongen - Meisje   Girl - Boy Meisje - Jongen
  Easy - Difficult Makkelijk - Moeilijk   Difficult - Easy Moeilijk - Makkelijk
  Ugly - Beautiful Lelijk - Mooi   Beautiful - Ugly Mooi - Lelijk
  More - Less Meer - Minder   Less - More Minder - Meer
  After - Before Na - Voor   Before - After Voor - Na
Are you able to remember all Dutch words and opposites ?
Great, your 2nd Lesson is ended. Don't forget to keep on practicing every day !

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